How to Clean Your Carpets before the Big Christmas Party

How to Clean Your Carpets before the Big Christmas Party

Countdown to Christmas has begun. Everyone is excited for family celebrations and Christmas dinners. But, is your house party-ready?

There are a lot of preparations for your house when it comes to having a big Christmas bash. One such cleaning job that you need to precisely focus on is carpet cleaning.

The carpets at home are prone to all sorts of dust, dirt and grime. The reason is simple – it is exposed to foot traffic as well as stains from the food, drinks and much more. If not cleaned for long, your carpet will lose its lustre and with time, it may start looking like an old foot mat.

But now, when you have such a big reason to carry out the carpet cleaning task, we thought to do our bit this Christmas by giving you some expert cleaning tips for your carpets. So, let’s begin!

Cleaning Tips to Make Your Carpets Ready For Christmas

Your carpets have a unique texture which is why they need a little extra care and attention. Remembering these tips will not only help you this Christmas but also for your carpet cleaning and maintenance routine in general.

#1 Deal with spills at the earliest

A spill can only turn into a stain if it is not dealt with immediately. Use the carpet cleaner at once and in the case when you don’t have it handy, use some tissues or kitchen roll to soak it up. Never rub the carpet as the spill will further get absorbed by the carpet. It’s better to just dab it.

#2 Opt for pre-treating your carpets

This is recommended, as pre-treating will break down the stubborn stains before you get to the actual cleaning part. Get the pre-treatment solution and spray it on your carpet. Leave it for a few minutes before you start cleaning it.

#3 Vacuum your carpet before cleaning

Before steam cleaning the carpets, it is better to remove dust and surface grime by vacuuming. Doing so will not choke up your carpet washer.

#4 Begin cleaning from the opposite side of your door

Start cleaning your carpet from a corner that is furthest from your door. Proceed with working your way towards the door so that you can directly let the accumulated dirt out of the room. This nullifies the chances of dirt getting stuck to the carpets again which can happen if you would have done it otherwise.

#5 Make sure to use the right solution

Never try a new solution that claims to work for all types of carpet. Remember that every carpet is unique and will require a specific, specially-formulated carpet cleaning solution. Choosing the wrong one will end up leaving behind a sticky residue, making your carpet prone to more dirt.

#6 Clean by following straight lines

Go at a steady pace while using your carpet cleaner in parallel strokes. This will enable you to have your carpet clean in the best way possible.

#7 Don’t over-soak your carpet

Soaking it for long with a belief that it will guarantee you a cleaner carpet is not going to work. It is better to use only 3 to 4 wet strokes per problem area. You should always use dry strokes more than the wet ones.

#8 Wash your carpet

Vacuuming is not enough. You also need to wash your carpets so that the dirt that has settled deep inside is removed.

#9 Hire a professional carpet cleaner

No matter, how much you try to bring your carpet to a sparkling clean state, you won’t get the lustre and look that the professional cleaning provide. Yes, as they have the experience, expertise as well as the necessary equipment to carry out the carpet cleaning job, you are bound to find a significant difference in your carpets.

Tips for Maintaining Your Carpets during Christmas

  1. Place small rugs or mats outside the toilets, kitchen etc. to protect your carpets from unnecessary exposure of dirt and moisture.
  2. Shoes carry all types of dirt, debris and grease. Request your guests to remove them to prevent the dirt from accumulating in the fibres of the carpet.
  3. Make sure to attend to the stains immediately. Simply use a microfiber cloth to prevent the stain from sinking deep in the carpet.
  4. Once your party is over, it is obvious to find food particles on your carpet. Before they turn into mould and bacteria, vacuum it and remove all the unwanted substances from the carpet.

It is okay to carry out the carpet cleaning on your own as a part of routine maintenance, but when it’s Christmas, you wouldn’t want to take any chance, right? Hiring a professional carpet cleaner thus becomes a wise choice here.

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