8 Signs You Need a Professional Carpet Cleaning

8 Signs You Need a Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

How often does the carpet need to be professionally cleaned?

For most homeowners, carpet is the most preferred flooring option. It provides better insulation, reduces noise and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. However, a common misconception amongst is regular vacuuming is sufficient to keep carpets clean. Unfortunately, that’s not the scenario in real life.

It is common to get carried away with your daily activities and not realising the constant infiltration of dust, pollen, dander and other contaminants that are creating havoc on the carpet. Dirty carpets aren’t always visible and regular vacuuming won’t be sufficient to eradicate everything that has settled deep within the fibres. You might look down one day only to wonder when it got that bad. Even if you regularly vacuum it, you still need to get it cleaned professionally.

How often does the carpet need to be professionally cleaned? Well, the answer varies from every six months for the households with kids and furry friends to every two years for rooms experiencing low traffic. However, these are basic guidelines to get fleas out of your carpet. But, It’s wise to trust your senses to determine when you need professional carpet cleaning.

Here are the few things to look for that indicates the time to schedule a carpet cleaning appointment.

1. Unidentified Random Odour (URO)

Carpets not only trap pollutants but foul smell as well. If you find yourself asking “Where’s that smell coming from?” on a daily basis, chances are that it’s coming from your carpet. This odour indicates the presence of mould and moisture that soak the spillage over the time and creates that foul smell.

Homes with pets are especially vulnerable to this. Though there are several deodorizing products that guarantee to eradicate the pet odour and other smells, leaving a fresh smelling carpet, these products only go so far. To get rid of these lingering odours, it is highly essential to opt for professional carpet steam cleaning service.

2. Worsening Allergy Symptoms

Watery eyes? Sneezing? Stubborn throat irritation? Possibly, your carpet is to be blamed. Your carpet is the breeding ground for allergens such as pet dander, pollen and dust mites. When these contaminants accumulate it can provoke allergy attacks and other medical conditions.

Even vacuuming cannot completely eradicate these allergens. Sometimes, vacuuming can just blow the allergens up into the air, making things worse. If you find your allergies worsening, it could be a sign that you need carpet cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning methods can eliminate allergens from deep within the carpet, allowing you to enjoy fresh and clean air.

3. Discolouration

This has happened to every homeowner at one time or another. You move furniture only to find out that the carpet underneath is much lighter and cleaner than the rest of the exposed areas. Over time, dirt and dust build-up on your carpet and change its colour. You might not be able to notice this discolouration as it accumulates slowly over time. This furniture test is the best example of the inadequacy of self-cleaning the carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning will eliminate all the dust and dirt to help restore the carpet in its original colour. Opting for carpet cleaning at least once a year can help preserve its original colour for a longer period of time than simply waiting for it to look dirty to get it cleaned.

4. Flattened Carpet Fluff

Doesn’t your carpet seem buoyant at all? If yes, then it’s a good sign that you need to schedule an appointment for professional carpet cleaning ASAP.

Regular footfall gradually presses down on your carpet fibres. The dirt in the fibres holds them down, making your once lush carpet look flat. It’s wise to have your carpet cleaned regularly to save them for further wear and tear. Clean and dirt-free fibres fluff back up making your carpet look a little more appealing.

5. Stubborn Stains

It can be a homeowner’s one of the worst nightmares. No matter how well-trained your pet it or how careful you are with food and drinks, accidents happen that can lead to stains on your carpet. If attended instantly, most stains can be removed, but some need special attention and if avoided, these stains set and become stubborn.

If your carpet has a lot of tough stains that won’t come off, don’t lose all hope. Professional carpet cleaners are equipped with the specialised equipment, tools and products to help you get rid of the permanent stains. Moreover, removing these stains promptly can protect your carpet from future extensive damage.

6. You Have Pets

Everyone loves their pets, but when you have pets at home, you need to get your carpets cleaned more often. Pets can have accidents on the carpet. From their dander getting trapped, bringing dirt from outside on their paws to their claws tearing up the carpet threads, the list is endless. If your pets spend a lot of time on your carpet, then you should definitely get them professionally cleaned without wasting any time.

7. Obvious Signs of Wear And Tear

It’s natural for your carpet to wear and tear over time. From you walking on it, your kids playing on it to dragging furniture across it, your carpet takes a lot of wear and tear. If you can tell your carpet is aged by looking at it, then it’s probably time for professional carpet cleaning. This can restore your carpet to its original glory.

8. Carpets Haven’t Been Cleaned In Over A Year

When was the last time when you had your carpet professionally cleaned? In order to ensure that your carpet not only looks good and welcoming, but also doesn’t impact the health of your family, you need to get your carpets cleaned at least once a year. Households with active families and pets should have their carpets cleaned twice a year.

Professional carpet cleaning on a regular basis can make your carpet last longer. If you haven’t invited any carpet cleaner in more than a year, it’s time to book an appointment today!

Final Takeaway

Do you notice any of the above-mentioned signs on your carpet? Probably, you need professional carpet cleaning and should call Pristine Carpet Care right away. We specialise in commercial and residential carpet cleaning. With our proven methodologies and unrivalled service, we ensure that your carpet will last longer and is restored into their beautiful, plush appearance.

Once you’ve had your carpets professionally cleaned, the best way to care for it is by putting into practice a proper maintenance schedule. You can keep your carpet in the pristine condition by regular vacuuming, cleaning stains spontaneously and by investing in professional cleaning at least once or twice a year. Following these measures will make your carpet last longer and look better.