Carpet Dry Cleaning Balwyn

Carpet Cleaning Templestowe

Have you ever had…

Wet carpets that took days to dry?
Carpets that go brown and patchy after cleaning?
Carpets that get dirty quickly after cleaning?
Sticky carpets?
Smelly carpets?

Bait and switch advertising, cheap advertised prices like 3 rooms for $39.00 only to be pressured into paying hundreds of dollars more.

Why does this happen?

The carpet cleaning Melbourne industry is unregulated, until 1994 it lacked formal training, with the result that the majority of the operators have simply purchased and called themselves carpet cleaners. They have never been formally trained on how to provide a quality clean. They are unskilled, unqualified and desperate for business.

The results are ridiculous discount prices and hasty “in and out” cleans often resulting in long term damage to your carpets. Your carpet is a major cost item in the household and needs to be correctly maintained to ensure you get value for money. That simply can’t be done with cheap operators, the splash and dash brigade who only see you as an easy target. Make no mistake carpet cleaning is a science that requires skill and expertise that can only be obtained with formal training.

How to avoid these problems

You need a current member of the Australian carpet cleaning Melbourne institute who is formally trained, qualified technician.

A current member can identify the correct cleaning requirements and procedures that best suit your carpets. A current member has access to the latest information in order to provide the best outcomes in the cleaning excellence.


The most important aspect to carpet maintenance is proper vacuuming. Regular and through vacuuming at least once a week and more often in heavy traffic areas will remove soil and dirt particles before they become embedded into the pile of the carpet. Remember you cannot over vacuum and vacuuming should begin the day the carpet is installed. Frequent vacuuming is a carpet’s best friend.

At Pristine service group we offer various cleaning packages to suit your needs and budget. From our 7 step low moisture clean to our truck mounted steam cleaning system.

Truck Mounted Steam Clean System

  • Pre inspection of all areas
  • Moving of furniture
  • Pre vacuuming with hospital grade filtration system
  • Hot pre spray of cleaning agents.
  • Rotary buff of cleaning agents to ensure soil separation.
  • Truck mounted steam clean.
  • Conditioning and rinsing of fibers
  • Protector tabs and foam blocks placed under furniture.
  • Final grooming of all carpets.
  • This clean complies with the Australian standard AS/NZ 3733.

We are so committed to providing an outstanding cleaning service that all our services are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our Service area includes Melbourne, Doncaster, Templestowe, Balwyn, Kew, Toorak, Box Hill, Camberwell, Mont Albert, Hawthorn, Brighton, Malvern and Caulfield. Call 03 9850 5333 for more info.