Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning in Toorak

Have your tiles seen better days? At Pristine Service Group we can help. We offer professional, commercial-grade tile and grout cleaning in Toorak.

We can restore just about any surface – including ceramic, sandstone, slate, porcelain or natural tile – to its original glory. And we can do it efficiently and affordably.

With more than 20 years’ experience as commercial cleaners in Melbourne, the Pristine Service Group team are trained and equipped to bring a shine to any surface. Using only state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and products and sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning methods, we will have your tiled surfaces looking brand new.

We are so confident in our abilities that we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. That means that if you’re not completely satisfied with the results, then the job is free.


Hidden Benefits of Tile and Grout Cleaning

There are plenty of obvious benefits to getting your tile and grout professionally cleaned. Less time spent on your hands and knees scrubbing the tiles is an obvious benefit. Not being embarrassed by bathroom mildew when friends come around is another.

However, there are some hidden benefits to having your tiles and grout cleaned by the professionals at Pristine Service Group.

  • Increase in air quality

Mould and mildew on your tiles and grout can affect the air quality in your home. Keeping your surfaces free from these substances will help to keep the air clean and breathable for your family. At Pristine Service Group, we are careful to ensure that all our cleaning products don’t contain harsh chemicals and that our cleaning processes are eco-friendly. That should also help you breathe easier.

  • Bacteria removal

Tiled surfaces tend to be a haven for bacteria growth, especially in wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Professional tile and grout cleaning services will remove this hidden bacteria, making your home cleaner and safer for your family.

  • Increase tile longevity

Over time, a build-up of mould, mildew and moisture can damage your tiles and grout. Professional cleaning services can remove these damaging substances, extending the lifespan of your tiled surfaces.


Tile and Grout Sealing in Toorak

If you’re serious about protecting your tiled surfaces, then you should consider tile and grout sealing. Sealing will prevent your surfaces from absorbing moisture, make them more stain resistant and easier to clean and significantly extend their lifespan.

At Pristine Service Group, we offer professional tile and grout sealing in Toorak. We use both penetrating and top coat sealers to ensure your tiled surfaces come out looking their best.




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