Tile and Grout Cleaning in Kew

Are you tired of scrubbing your tiles and still feeling like the mould is taking over? Are your discoloured tiles and grout a source of embarrassment when friends come over? If so, call Pristine Service Group for the best tile and grout cleaning in Kew.

We provide high-quality cleaning services at competitive pricing. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our cleaning services. That means that if you aren’t completely satisfied with our work, then the job is free.

We are also careful to provide only the most environmentally friendly cleaning services possible. We don’t use any harsh chemicals and all our cleaning processes are eco-friendly and completely sustainable.

Our tile and grout cleaning process involves the use of powerful truck-mounted machines designed for high-pressure cleaning on interior and exterior surfaces. Our commercial-grade cleaning equipment will get into every corner and crevice to ensure that all dirt, mould, mildew and bacteria are removed.




Tile and Grout Sealing in Kew

Once your tiles and grout are sparkling clean, you’ll want to think about how to keep them that way. Because it won’t be long before the grime, mould and mildew start to build up again. But there’s a simple answer: tile and grout sealing.

At Pristine Service Group, we offer professional tile and grout sealing in Kew. Sealing your tiles can strengthen the tiles and grout, make cleaning easier and give tiles a shiny gloss finish. Sealing can also reduce slippage, lengthen the life of the tiles, and make it hard for grime, mould and mildew to adhere to the surface.

We offer a selection of tile and grout sealers designed to suit different kinds of tiled surfaces. Penetrating sealers are absorbed into the grout without affecting the outward appearance of the tiles. They stop the grout from absorbing moisture, prevent mould and mildew and makes grout last longer. A top coat sealer will also protect the tiles and grout but will leave tiles with a shiny new finish.

If you’re looking for professional tile and grout cleaning in Kew, call Pristine Service Group today on (03) 9850 5333. We can give you a free quote over the phone.